The World’s Best Suppliers of Fish

It is hard to imagine millions of fishing boats around the globe hauling fish daily. When it comes to the fishing industry, technology has come a long way to providing families worldwide with a portion. However, few people who enjoy their portion of fish in the city know how the fish on their plate made it there.

Famous Fish Brands

There are a couple of fish suppliers that stand out among the crowd. It is a highly competitive business, with some companies hauling thousands of tons of fish a day. If you ever happen to have a closer look at the box your fish came in from the store, you shouldn’t be surprised to see any of the following names.

Maruha Nichiro – Japan

This is a Japanese-based company that focuses on marine fishing. The business is well-known as one of the world’s foremost fishing companies. The business is divided into segments that include the Food Product, Marine Product, Storage, Distribution, Feed Storage, Marine Transportation, Hotel and Real Estate, and the manufacturing and the sale of packaging machines.

Nippon Suisan Kaisha – Japan

This is also a Japanese company and one of the world’s largest fishing companies. Its main operations are carried out through several main components, including Fine Chemicals, Logistics, Marine Products, Food Products, and Others. It’s also a leader in the purchase, processing, fishing, cultivation, and sale of seafood products.

The seafood products include the production and sale of frozen food, shelf-stable food, and other processed food. The logistics component takes care of cold storage and transportation services.

Japanese Fish Market

The Japanese Fish Market is undoubtedly huge. Maruha Nichiro alone has more than 126 subsidiaries and 70 associated companies in Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, China, and other countries. These companies work day and night to feed millions of families.