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Mackinac Straits Fish Company is pleased to announce the launch of our new website - now featuring online sales.

2/5/09 - It is finally warming up. It was - 10 degrees F at my house last night. Now it is 20 degrees above zero.

Thomas Test


Thomas began working for Mackinac Fish Company when he was 15. He began making Whitecaps Spread during the Christmas holidays.

When Thomas turned 18, he began working in fresh fish processing, grading and sorting fish and processing it for either use in our smoking operations or for customer orders. Currently he manages many of the operations associated with fresh fish and smoked fish processing, including dealing with a couple of our larger buyers on the East Coast.

A few years ago, Thomas acquired a gill net boat and a commercial fishing license. Now, not only is he a key employee of Mackinac Straits Fish Company, he is becoming one of our important suppliers.

Thomas loves all things fish, whether on the water or in the facility processing his catch. Often you will find Thomas at the dressing table after everyone has left carefully filleting and skinning a couple of fresh fillets to drop off at his grandmother’s, Peggy, on his way home.